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Fiberglass Rebar - FRP Structural Strengthening - GFRP Dowel Bars - Insulated Wall Panels

  • Concrete susceptible to corrosion
    Concrete exposed to high voltages
    Temporary concrete

  • Structural Strengthening

    Near Surface Mount or NSM
    Externally bonded plates
    Field Layup

  • GFRP Dowel Bars

    Load Transfer between joints

  • Insulated precast wall panels

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    In July 2017 Owens Corning acquired the Aslan FRP concrete products division of Hughes Brothers, Inc. Aslan FRP is one of the pioneers in the field of FRP's for concrete having been instrumental in the development of the industry, all world-wide codes and standards and commercially active since 1995. The THiN-Wall subsidiary markets and licenses a patented precast building envelop system.
    THiN-Wall™ is a registered trademark of Composite Insulated Concrete Systems, LLC
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