Aslan 100 Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar - Fiberglass Rebar

Why use Fiberglass Rebar ?

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Longer Lasting Structures

Corrosion of internal reinforcing steel is one of the main reasons concrete structures deteriorate. Inevitably concrete will crack, creating a direct avenue for chlorides to begin oxidizing the steel rebar. Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP’s) are a proven and successful alternative reinforcing that give structures a longer service life.

Electrical Isolation

Concrete near high voltagles and electromagnetic fields can have its internal steel build stray and leakage currents. Aslan 100 is an electrial isolator made from the same materials as polymer insulators.

Temporary Structures

The aniostropic properties of Aslan 100 fiberglass rebar enable TBM and mining equipment to consume concrete in such applications as "soft-eye" openings in deep foundations.

Thermal Neutrality

Aslan 100 fiberglass rebar is thermally non-conductive which helps isolate concrete members from thermal effects, such as in the THiN-Wall insuated wall panel building envelop system.

Where has Aslan 100 Fiberglass Rebar been used ?

Photo gallery of Aslan 100 fiberglass rebar in various applications

  • Bridges / Transportation

  • Waterfront

  • TBM Soft-eye

  • Rail

  • Electrical Isolation

  • Architectural

  • Timber

  • Historic Preservation

How to design with Aslan 100 GFRP bars

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ACI committee 440 is the most authoritative and prolific consensus standards body involved in the publication of design guidelines for the use of FRP bars.
The Aslan FRP team has been an active participant in 440 committee activities since 1994. Committee 440 documents are based on research performed world-wide.

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    ACI 440.1R

    Design with Aslan 100 GFRP bars is dictated by ACI 440.1R-15, "Guide for the Design and Construction of Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars".
    A fourth iteration of the document, can be purchased from the ACI International bookstore. This document and all other ACI 440 publications are included in the "Manual of Concrete Practice" which many engineering firms obtain.

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    In November 2009, AASHTO published "AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Guide Specifications for GFRP Reinforced Concrete Decks and Traffic Railings including a Commentary" based on the work of committee T-6.This document gives the American bridge design community some conservative guidelines for implementation of GFRP rebar in decks and railings.

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    CSA S806 & S-6

    The Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, CSA-S6-06, adopted provisions for the use of FRP bars in 2006. As a result of this, many bridges and parapets in Canada are being built using FRP bars. The Canadian equivalent of ACI 440.1! is the CSA S806 design guideline.

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    In Europe, the Federation Internationale du Beton FIB Task Group 9.3 has published a technical report "Bulletin 40", which is a "state of the art" of FRP reinforcement in RC structures. Work is under way on provisions for FRP bars in EuroCode 2 format. Norway and Italy have published internal design codes for the use of FRP bars.

Aslan 100 GFRP Rebar Properties

Bar SizeNominal Dia - mmNominal Dia - inNominal Area -mm2Nominal Area - in2f*ffu - Guaranteed Strength - MPaf*ffu - Guaranteed Strength - ksiUltimate Load - kNUltimate Load - kipsEf- Tensile Modulus - GPaEf- Tensile Modulus - msiUltimate Strain - %

* Tensile properties of #11, #12 & #13 bar are NOT guaranteed due to the inability to achieve a valid bar break per ASTM D7205.

Aslan FRP reserves the right to make improvements in the product and / or process which may result in benefits or changes to some physical-mechanical characteristics. The data contained herein is considered to be representative of current production and is believed to be reliable and to represent the best available characterization of the product as of July 2011. Tensile tests per ASTM D7205.

A comprehensive list of physical & mechanical properties of Aslan 100 fiberglass rebar is found in our Brochure & Data Sheet

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Material Certs & Traceability

Material test certs are available for any production lot of Aslan 100 bar. The certs are traceable to the bar by means of a series of bar marks imprinted along the length of the bar in intervals showing the bar diameter, stock order and production date. In addition to ASTM D7205 Tensile, Modulus and Strain values, the test cert included a full accounting of various additional properties and lab tests performed on the production lot.

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FRP bars are linear elastic to failure

Our engineering staff can give an estimated bar list based on drawings. We'll give you our best estimate, but the final bar count is your responsibility. CAD files are great as are pdf's. Be sure and send STRUCTURAL drawings showing reinforcing designed for FRP bars. Architectural, HV/AC, landscaping and other details are not of much use.

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Aslan 100 fiberglass rebar is sold by the lineal foot plus an adder per bend. There are some limitations on bends described by our detailing guide.

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